I moved to PB in January, into a house I shared with Laurel and a procession of other roommates, most notably Jessica and Michelle. DJ Z-Trip played 10 feet from our house at the PB block party, ushering in what we fondly call the Summer of Parties [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7].

I travelled a fair amount: in addition to going home for Christmas, I went to Vegas with Bill & Kari, visited Herb in Chicago, attended an extropian rave in LA. I helped staff AnimeExpo in Long Beach in July.

I went to several weddings, first Phil and Katie, then Kirez and Jungmin. I even had the privilege to perform a wedding, for Casey and Rachael.

In technology news, I purchased a new server, rakim, which replaced george. I also picked up niamh, my small yet awesome Fujitsu laptop.

October featured two important events: Boston's postseason struggle with New York, and the blossoming of my relationship with my wife, Erin.


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