Hi, and welcome to Emacsen.org. I’m Theresa O’Connor, and I have an Emacs problem. I’ve decided to try regularly posting Emacs tips, tricks, pointers, and more. Perhaps something you find here will be useful!

The license for this blog’s content is the same as that of the EmacsWiki. The way I see it, if I ever write something useful here — a big if — I’d like anyone to be able to move it over to the wiki.


  1. Nice domain name. :)

    Alex Schroeder, 24 September 2005

  2. Thanks, Alex. :)

    I've been holding off announcing the site in #emacs and on the Wiki until I have a few more posts up; work has been crazy enough to prevent speedy posting.

    hober, 26 September 2005

  3. e1vis

    Great domain name, great idea. Keep it going hober!

    e1vis, 27 September 2005

  4. Thanks, e1vis! :)

    hober, 29 September 2005

  5. Great stuff!

    aadis, 30 October 2005

  6. Thanks, aadis! :)

    hober, 12 January 2006