mashes up Chuck Norris facts with Web 2.0. My favorites:

  • Chuck Norris does not build to flip. He builds to roundhouse kick to the face.
  • Chuck Norris has more friends on MySpace than Tom.

These are especially amsuing for me, since I work at a Web 2.0 company and my boss (our CTO) is named Chuck Norris.

Using SVG for web stats graphs. Drool.

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I Am Alpha is AOL's new ambiguous Web 2.0 project. Read all about it over at yardley.

Here's an amusing comparison of Joel Spolsky and Paul Graham.

As everyone else has pointed out already, Google Talk now supports XMPP s2s. Unfortunately, the current release of Adium doesn't allow it. Fortunately, the next version will.

Andy Budd wants a parent selector in CSS3. Sounds good to me! I prefer the syntax given in one of his comments:

#child < .parent {…}

Update: Dylan Schiemann proposed this syntax back in 2000.

Update, May 2008: This sort of thing has popped up again, this time in Shaun Inman’s CSS Qualified Selectors. John Resig even implemented it for jQuery.

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News flash: successful software is actually useful. Go figure.