This post has been backlogged for months. I’ve finally managed to finish it up. — EO’C

The Perramont Hotel (map)

The Perramont Hotel’s street sign

2162 Market St. San Francisco, CA 94114

Photo by stewf.

Brad and I attended WordCamp (on behalf of Eventful) in August. I looked for hotels near the Swedish-American Hall and found two or three close by. Astonishing as it is to me now, the Perramont had the best-sounding reviews of the lot, and was practically next-door to boot. I booked us there and stopped worrying about it. (Keep in mind that I didn’t know much about San Francisco at the time, so I didn’t realize the neighborhood was bad, etc., etc.)

We quickly found that it’s not in the best part of town while on the way there in the taxi. We even had trouble finding the door — the sign is quite visible, but the door to the place is so nondescript that we simply overlooked it. The window in the door had a police sticker on it, and through it we could see a long, unadorned hallway that ended into a few steps leading to a metal security door. The door could easily have been to a local police station or something like that.

After being buzzed through the security door, we rounded the corner and found ourselves facing the reception desk, which is secured with plexiglass like some high-security bank. The girl behind the counter and I proceeded to have approximately the following conversation:

  1. Me: Hi, I have a reservation.
  2. Girl: (immediately and without looking down) Oh, you must be Theresa O’Connor.

I found this as confidence-inducing as it sounds. Hell, I half-expected her to ask how many hours we wanted the room for. Speaking of the room, it was small, about 8 or 9 feet on a side if that, with two twin beds, a TV, and a sink. The bathroom and the shower were shared with the entire floor. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed somewhere so sketchy, before or since.

If you’re looking for somewhere cheap to stay in the city, you’d be much better off in a hostel, or trying your luck on Priceline. But hey, at least it had a cool sign.


  1. laura

    this place is the loseist place in all of sf not worth the money and u cant have any visitors the manager is a butthole and makes up rules out of no where and takes away resident rights because he dislikes gay people

    laura, 17 January 2008

  2. I had no idea it was such a nasty place ... I live and have walked past it many, many times and love the sign. I even wrote about it on my blog but I didn't know how bad it was. So terrible!

    San Francisco Photos, 18 January 2008