Google Reader

by Theresa O’Connor on 25 October 2006

I’ve been trying out Google Reader as a potential Bloglines replacement ever since the big Reader update a month ago. I’ve planned to write up a review after a few weeks of heavy usage. Conor O’Neill beat me to it, by writing a Google Reader review which contains pretty much everything I wanted to say about it. So I figure I should add my voice to the chorus:

I’ve found it very frustrating that you can’t put a feed in a folder at subscription time. This one feature would makes me happy as a clam. The work-around — to go into the ‘Manage subscriptions’ page and organize uncategorized feeds — is painfully slow. I mean, I can’t even load the ‘Manage subscriptions’ page in under 5 minutes (Firefox 2 on a PowerBook G4)! Basiclaly, Google Reader’s tools for organizing feeds don’t scale to large subscription lists. Otherwise, It’s a great piece of work — despite this pain I’ve been very reluctant to switch back to Bloglines.

Hey, wow, you can organize feeds at subscription-time now. How awesome is that? The Google Reader team rocks! :)

Unfortunately, this only works from the subscription box inside Reader and not the bookmarklet, and I pretty much only subscribe to things via the bookmarklet.


  1. Well Ted, you got me to try the switch again. Until now, Bloglines had the best mobile support. However, when I'm mobile I usually have the time to read some of the feeds I've been neglecting. However, loading those feeds in Bloglines mobile usually caused my mobile browser to die from all the data. Google breaks the feeds down into a post heading layer that lets me sift through them without killing the phone.

    The desktop browser interface will take a little getting used to, but I think it encourages me to pay attention to my neglected feeds more. So for now, I'm a Google Reader user.

    Rich, 25 October 2006

  2. We just pushed a new build that adds a folder drop-down in the subscribe success message so you can add it to a folder on the spot.

    Mihai Parparita Google Reader Engineer

    Mihai Parparita, 26 October 2006

  3. Wow, Mihai, that's awesome. Thanks! :)

    Edward O'Connor, 26 October 2006