Planet Emacsen

by Theresa O’Connor on 30 October 2006

As noted on the EmacsWiki, by mwolson and others, I've built an aggregation of Emacs-related blogs at Planet Emacsen. It's powered by Sam Ruby's most excellent Planet Venus.

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  1. I think Planet Emacsen is a very good idea. No need anymore to search emacs-powered blogs. I'm a long time emacs and gnus user, and for about two months ago I've desided to launch my own blog about debian, emacs and gnus. English isn't my native language, so I post in my blog in russian. The purpose of my blog is to tell my readers about Emacs, and share my expiriense of using the best editor in the world. Some of my readers even never heard about Emacs :) And, I think that is no other stand-alone blog (not lj and such services) in russian generally about Debian, Emacs and Gnus. That's why I wrote this comment :)

    Roman Lagunov, 30 October 2006

  2. Hi Roman, I've added your blog. Thanks! :)

    hober, 31 October 2006

  3. Hi, Edward. Thanks for adding my blog. It's truly amazing news for me.

    Roman Lagunov, 31 October 2006

  4. You can add mine: Not much to write home about for now, but I may add things soon...

    gse, 22 November 2006

  5. Hi Edward, today on my 26th birthday I upgraded myself to Web2.0 and created a blog, where I want to post all the little customizations which make my emacs the world's best editor. Please add me!

    Tassilo Horn, 26 November 2006

  6. gse, Tassilo: you've both been added.

    hober, 26 November 2006

  7. Hello you may add I swear I'll blog from and about emacs asap ;) Yann.

    sigma, 8 December 2006

  8. Yann - added. It'll pick your feed up next time the cron job runs.

    hober, 8 December 2006

  9. Hello, Please consider adding my emacs blog, "Emacs: Your Next Text Editor", to Planet Emacsen. It's available at . Thanks, Jesse

    Jesse Alama, 17 December 2006

  10. Jesse: You've been added. It'll take effect the next time the cron job runs.

    hober, 17 December 2006

  11. This is not my blog, but I think might be a good addition too. As for my personal blog, perhaps might be in there too :)

    aadis, 23 January 2007

  12. aadis: added both. Thanks!

    hober, 24 January 2007

  13. I post about Emacs on occasion at my personal blog: Among other things, I have an elisp poker game that I wrote for fun and a yet to be released elisp that creates a very simple and easy to use menu system for Emacs. Incidentally, I may post about Emacs time to time on my Linux community site: though lately I haven't had much time to post to it and I'm actually looking for people who'd like to contribute.

    Marc, 2 February 2007

  14. Do you guys post to your blogs using Emacs? What package(s) do you use?

    Marc, 2 February 2007

  15. I think the cron job died.

    Ryan, 7 February 2007

  16. Thanks Ryan; I've blown away the cache and re-run the script. It was blowing up on something strange in the feed from

    hober, 7 February 2007

  17. Hello, My personal Blog about emacs : Chmouel.

    Chmouel, 10 February 2007

  18. Chmouel: added.

    hober, 11 February 2007

  19. Please remove: and add: Thanks.

    Jason Dunsmore, 16 April 2007

  20. Jason: Updated.

    hober, 16 April 2007

  21. Perhaps it would be possible to remove feeds that contain lots of non-Emacs related posts? I'm thinking of e1f, yrk (except for his yrklisp posts), and sachac's feeds. I looked at their sites and didn't find a way to get an Emacs-only feed.

    Alex Schröder, 14 July 2007