The first in a series of reviews of places to grab a pizza and some beer here in San Diego. In this installment, I review Basic, a swanky pizza place in the Gaslamp.
410 10th Ave. San Diego, CA 92101

Basic is this very cool, spacious pizza spot downtown, pretty close to where Patrick lives. With a full bar, free pool, and great pizza toppings (mashed potato? Yes!), Basic’s very high on my list of Gaslamp places to frequent.

An empty pizza sheet.

We made quick work of their pizza and beer.

The space is strikingly open — even when crowded, there’s plenty of room to get around in. It’s divided into two main areas, one more like a bar, and the other more like a restaurant. There’s no functional difference — they’ll come around and take your pizza and drink orders in either section.

Their pizzas come in two sizes, but don’t be fooled by their names — the "small" is plenty big enough for 3 people. Their selection of toppings is fairly small, but they’ve got all of the essentials, in addition to a few surprising ones, such as the aforementioned mashed potato. The pies come out thin, floppy, and oh-so-yummy — crispy pizza fans may want to look elsewhere.

The beer selection is fairly small, but any place with Stone Pale Ale and Guinness on tap is good in my book, and they make up for it by having a fully-stocked bar (though Erin discovered that they don’t do mojitos).

The pizza arrives The crew

The pizza arrives — we devoured it instantly.

I’ll have to remember to revise this review next spring — Basic is right near Petco Park, and is probably quite a bit busier during baseball season.


  1. Mike Gillette

    They kick up at Basic

    Mike Gillette, 21 April 2007

  2. Lumiere

    The pizza at basic is very delicious and bomb! Would recommend the food to family and friends.

    The nightlife in the evening is fun and upbeat DJ's are featured .

    Lumiere, 16 November 2007

  3. Blake

    This stuff is amazing! Especially if you like floppy pizza. Eat it warm, eat it cold. I loved every bite

    Blake, 2 January 2008

  4. Alex

    I love the pizza and the atmosphere at Basic, but I have to admit that the mood can be hampered by their tendency to play a bit too much cockrock in the evenings.

    Alex, 7 March 2008

  5. Yes~! Agreed 100% Basic Pizza FTW

    Todd Huffman, 19 March 2008