The third in a series of reviews of places to grab a pizza and some beer here in San Diego. In this installment, I review Pizza Port, Solana Beach's lovable pizza microbrewery.
Pizza Port
135 N. Highway 101 Solana Beach, CA 92075

Pizza Port, a frequent pre-BSG dinner stop for us, is a fantastic microbrewery and pizza place in Solana Beach. It has a warm, surfer-casual atmosphere. Seating is along big picnic tables; guests sit right next to other customers. The place is large, but fills very quickly. If going on a weekend, I recommend arriving no later than 6.

Their crust — made with their beer! — is fairly thick, doughy, and very yummy. Their selection of toppings is comprehensive, at least insofar as my palate goes.

Their specialty pies are all pretty awesome; I don’t think I can pick out a particular one as being especially good. That being said, I’ve really enjoyed the BBQ Chicken, the Lahaina, the Monterey, and the San Francisco.

While you’re waiting for your pizza order, pick up a basket of beer buddies — wicked yummy pieces of pizza crust with spices etc. on them.

Pizza Port is a full-on microbrewery, now operating Stone’s old San Marcos facility. They have several very drinkable ales, and many seasonals — from the regulars, I recommend the California Honey Ale.


  1. Is this where Taylor and I met up with you, Erin, Laurel, and mumble one or two others whose names I can't remember?

    I think we ended up ordering the Sharkbite Red, which was pretty decent. Fun evening; I only wish I could've convinced Taylor and Serena to watch BSG. :)

    dwc, 9 November 2006

  2. As a pizza lover and connoisseur I am obliged to agree with ya dude. Pizza Port has the best pizza I've tasted in Cali so far.

    And just for the record, Pizza a feta in Cannon Beach has the best pizza in Oregon.

    nate, 13 November 2006

  3. Daniel - Yup! This is the place and yeah, their Sharkbite Red is quite decent.

    Edward O'Connor, 13 November 2006