Jeremy Keith recently unveiled his lifestream, a slick yet very simple aggregation of various bits of his online presence.

Chris Davis liked the idea so much he went and implemented his own lifestream by hacking up a WordPress plugin — especially nice for those without much control over their hosting environment.

It seems to me that lifestreaming is clearly a job for Planet Venus. Basically, a lifestream is “Planet Me,” and Planet Venus is the awesomest planet engine out there. So I went ahead and hacked one up for myself. It's an aggregation of my activity on this blog,, Eventful, Flickr, LiveJournal, reddit, twitter, and wordie. Enjoy!


  1. This is a crazy cool idea. I think that ultimately were going to produce our streams from a single source, i.e. what we now call an aggregator will become an aggregator/annotator (eg. Google ReWriter) through which we'll publish a uniFeed (unified feed) from which each of our satellite apps will render the relevant section (eg. flickr will render our uniFeed's photos). But in the meantime this is an excellent way of demonstrating the utility of a lifestream / uniFeed.

    James Corbett, 5 March 2007