Site refresh

by Theresa O’Connor on 14 March 2007

I’m pretty happy with how my recent site refresh has gone. I think the site looks much more fresh & professional.


I bumped my base type size (back) up to 16pt — using the browser default makes the various em-based size frobbing a little easier, and generally I prefer medium-sized text to really small stuff.

I tried very hard to use only measured intervals of vertical space, though in some cases (images, most notably), I fall a little short of that goal.

I’d long used Lucida Grande as my typeface for headings and body text (with Gill Sans for some secondary text) and it was time for a change. I decided to try to find a serif for headings, and a different sans-serif for body text.

I’m now using Goudy Old Style (falling back to Garamond) for headings. I think it feels really nice at larger sizes. I’m also using it for blockquotes, to set them off from the surrounding text. This helps to give the impression of a different voice (example).

I’m using Geneva for body text — this one I'm less sure of, but I’m going to go with it for now and see how it looks.


The biggest change in the color department is of links — after several years of blue links (excepting occasional forays into light-on-dark), I’ve gone with a muted red, with kottke-style bottom borders instead of underlining.

I removed the explicit microformat styling I’ve been using since September — with increasing adoption of Operator, it seemed like overkill.

Anyway, what do you think of the newish look? Here’s a shot of the previous home page for comparison.


  1. I like the changes--particularly the link color/underline--but since I read this blog via Bloglines, it doesn't make much difference to me what you did. I won't see it.

    Erin, 15 March 2007

  2. Nice job, Ted.

    (I'm not a huge Geneva fan, but it's a refreshing change from all the usual suspects... so stick with it!)

    Patrick Crowley, 15 March 2007

  3. I like it very much. The Geneva in a medium-sized font is especially pleasing, as are the colors. I'm impressed. :)

    One thing though: your "Post comment" button color seems to clash with everything else (some kind of light blue).

    Also, when are you going to open-source your site framework?

    Brad Fults, 16 March 2007

  4. Thanks, Patrick.

    Yes, Brad, the comment button is currently really weird -- it's a work in progress. I'll open source the code after the first rewrite, when it's actually something reasonable.

    Edward O'Connor, 16 March 2007