by Theresa O’Connor on 22 August 2007

I write code, mainly in Python, JavaScript, and Emacs Lisp.


A LiveJournal client for Emacs. You can check out a copy like so:

git clone git://


My branch of ERC, the Emacs IRC client I contribute to, lives on github.

You could check out a copy with the following invocation of git, but it would probably be better to just use the upstream version. (Since I don’t do much ERC hacking these days, this is usually just an out-of-date mirror of the main repository.)

git clone git://


Emacs Lisp client libraries for various 37signals’ product APIs: backpack.el for Backpack’s API and highrise.el for Highrise’s API.

Also includes rest-api.el, which isn’t interesting on its own. It’s a bundle of extracted utilities from backpack.el that have proven useful for working with other web APIs.

Check out a copy with the following invocation of git:

git clone git://

Miscellaneous Emacs Lisp

Including a JSON parser.

My configuration files

Including .emacs.

The distant past

I used to keep a branch of Planet Venus around, for sending bugfixes to Sam Ruby.