Theresa Grace Colbert O’Connor

  1. Safari Web Technology Engineer, Apple Inc., 2011 – Present

    I design Web-facing features for HTML, CSS, and the DOM, drive the standardization efforts around such features, and assist the engineers who implement them.

    I represent Apple in various working groups at the W3C and elsewhere, including:

    1. Web Platform Working Group @ W3C, 2015 – Present
      • (WebApps Working Group, 2011 – 2015)
      • (HTML Working Group, 2007 – 2015)

      Among other things, I was one of the editors of HTML5 from 2012 to 2016.

    2. CSS Working Group @ W3C, 2011 – Present
    3. EPUB Working Group @ IDPF, 20112017

      I helped ensure the interests of Web authors and browser engine implementors were heard during work on EPUB 3.0, 3.1, and related documents.

    4. WHATWG, 2006 – Present
      • Proposed several features that have been added to HTML, such as <img srcset>.
      • Contributed other feedback on the HTML specification which resulted in several bug fixes and improvements.
  1. Software Engineer, Teradata Corporation, 20092011

    Significantly contributed to the front-end architecture and engineering of Teradata Viewpoint, a suite of web applications—built with jQuery & —used to monitor and visualize the behavior and performance of Teradata data warehouses and appliances.

  2. Freelance Web Application Developer, 20072009. Some highlights:

    1. Software Engineer (Contract), Teradata Corporation, 20082009 (See above.)
    2. Project Lead & Developer, Stout Public House, 2008

      Developed small business website & its administrative web application using , , , and . Led the team which included design and photography talent.

    3. Web Application Developer, Parker Wallace Company, 20072008

      Significantly contributed to the development and maintenance of Tablet Hotels and Hotels Made Simple, built in Python with and .

  3. Software Engineer, Eventful Inc. (formerly EVDB Inc.), 20052007
  1. Senior Systems Administrator & Software Engineer, Tomo, 20042005
  2. Systems Administrator, Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD, 20022004
  3. Systems Administrator & Web Programmer, Bomis, 2000, 2001

B.S., Computer Science, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 1997 2001