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Kottke says a tumblelog is a quick and dirty stream of consciousness… with more than just links. Anarchaia was the first, but there are many copies. And they have a plan.

  1. Some early projections put the Sox on top of the AL East and the Dodgers on top of the NL West. If that’s how things play out, we’ll have a happy household. Prior to the Crisp trade, the Yankees and Red Sox were pretty close to even. However, according to ZiPS now the Red Sox are clearly better. Here’s the Red Sox 2006 spring roster.

  2. The Royal Navy’s newest warship, HMS Daring (D32), comes with iPod charging stations.

  3. Joe Gregorio’s released httplib2.py, a Python HTTP library which supports many features left out of other HTTP libraries. Here’s an explanatory article.

  4. Mephisto looks really clean. Check out how nice its Atom feed generator is.

  5. Markaby looks like a nice Ruby equivalent of the myriad Common Lisp sexp-to-ML generators.

  6. RFC 2119 humor:

    I saw a traffic sign today on University Ave. that said "Bicycles may use sidewalk" My very first reaction was that the text should be "Bicycles MAY use sidewalk". It was followed by the thought that it should also read "… thus, pedestrians MUST be prepared to encounter bicycles on the sidewalk."

    Not Invented Here

  7. Gmail’s "Map This" feature rocks! Very convenient for low-fi event invitations via email.

  8. I didn’t know Sen. Kennedy was black either.

  9. Sounds like the shortstop problem has been solved. Given that, here's how our 2006 squad might compare to 2005.

  10. Over at normblog, here's an interesting take on Chirac's nuclear declaration. The key bit:

    Suppose western intelligence agencies have come to a joint conclusion that there is now a dirty bomb (or something equally scary) out there in the wrong hands, even if they don't know whose hands it is in.

    Who would be the best person to get a message across from the west to the terrorists? Chirac is the most anti-US of them all. As Nixon went to China, Chirac can beat his shoe on the table in a unique way.

    That no other western leader has batted an eye makes me think he could be talking for all of them. If they continue to let it pass, they are effectively allowing him to speak for them as well, whether by design, or prior unspoken understanding, or not.

  11. At EconLog, Bryan Caplan's written about an interesting study that compares the think tanks that politicians and the media cite. They find that the major media have citation patterns closer to that of the the typical Democrat than the typical member of Congress.

  12. My friend Nathan's just released version 0.12 of Ironclad, your one-stop-shop for Common Lisp cryptography.

  13. The various Emacs modes for editing ReStructured Text have merged into one rst.el. via the EmacsWiki.

  14. What a beautiful watch. Too bad it's $220,000. That's a bit out of my price range. via boingboing.

  15. Blooging find: Mapping Hacks, a great blog on the intersection of mapping and technology, is companion to the book of the same name.

  16. This one's for Bryan: a hockey-plaing, goal-tending bishop.

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