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Kottke says a tumblelog is a quick and dirty stream of consciousness… with more than just links. Anarchaia was the first, but there are many copies. And they have a plan.

  1. Looking for a beautiful typeface? Fontin.

  2. Call land-lines from your Jabber client of choice with JabPhone.

  3. Trader Joe's 2005 Vintage Ale (by Unibroue) is ridiculously yummy and, at $4.99 a pop, it's easily worth every penny.

  4. Alex King's blog desperately needs to have higher contrast between its text color and its background color.

  5. Ironic: IEEE's new web site isn't standards-compliant.

  6. With AJAX and DOM scripting becoming more commonplace, pages are too dynamic to illustrate with a static wireframe or page description diagram, and it seems everyone is starting to realize it. Unfortunately, The [sic] alternatives to traditional wireframes such as animated GIF's [sic] or storyboarding, really aren't much better. I really think there's only one solution. Just build it.

    Garrett Dimon, AJAX & DOM Scripting: Just Build It (emphasis his)

  7. Ruby client and Rails module for memcached. via the Rails blog.

  8. Story of my life: My data is organized. My life is not.Eric Meyer

  9. supr.c.ilio.us mashes up Chuck Norris facts with Web 2.0. My favorites:

    • Chuck Norris does not build to flip. He builds to roundhouse kick to the face.
    • Chuck Norris has more friends on MySpace than Tom.

    These are especially amsuing for me, since I work at a Web 2.0 company and my boss (our CTO) is named Chuck Norris.

  10. News flash: successful software is actually useful. Go figure.

  11. I Am Alpha is AOL's new ambiguous Web 2.0 project. Read all about it over at yardley.

  12. Andy Budd wants a parent selector in CSS3. Sounds good to me! I prefer the syntax given in one of his comments:

    #child < .parent {…}

    Update: Dylan Schiemann proposed this syntax back in 2000.

    Update, May 2008: This sort of thing has popped up again, this time in Shaun Inman’s CSS Qualified Selectors. John Resig even implemented it for jQuery.

  13. As everyone else has pointed out already, Google Talk now supports XMPP s2s. Unfortunately, the current release of Adium doesn't allow it. Fortunately, the next version will.

  14. Tag Soup: Crazy parsing adventures

  15. Here's an amusing comparison of Joel Spolsky and Paul Graham.

  16. Using SVG for web stats graphs. Drool.

  17. The American colonists were responding to changes in the way Britain sought to govern them. After the Glorious Revolution of 1688 Parliament was supreme. Most of the colonies had been founded before that time. The colonies were governed by people who believed in an older model which focused on limitations on government power; they were descendents of people who had fled from over-reaching government power.

    — from Tea, Taxes and the American Revolution (emphasis mine)

  18. Scientists have discovered something everybody already knew: meetings suck. Via 37signals.

  19. Unsurprisingly enough, it seems the vast majority of Afgans have a favorable view of U.S.-led forces. Via normblog.

  20. An investigation into how the different browsers handle :active v. :focus links.

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