Theresa O’Connor

Updated backpack.el: Now with multiple-lists-per-page support!

Several months ago, the folks over at 37signals added multiple-lists-per-page support to Backpack, their simple personal organization tool, but didn't update the (otherwise quite excellent) Backpack API documentation, so I didn't update backpack.el.

Fortunately, a resourceful developer posted his own documentation for the new and updated API methods to the Backpack forum. I've updated backpack.el accordingly: backpack-api/page/items/list and backpack-api/page/items/add now each take an optional list-id argument. In addition, there are four new API methods: backpack-api/page/lists/add, backpack-api/page/lists/update, backpack-api/page/lists/list, and backpack-api/page/lists/destroy.