Theresa O’Connor


I read entirely too many blogs, several of which exist somewhere in that happy intersection of law, economics, and libertarianism.

Libertarian law bloggers are often originalists, and The Federalist Papers are a wonderful resource for people interested in the original meaning of the Constitution. So, just as you might expect, such bloggers are prone to quoting chunks from them. (For example, here's a case of Randy Barnett quoting from № 78 over at The Volokh Conspiracy. Readers of Professor Barnett's post can't click through to the specific part of Federalist 78 he quotes, and so are deprived of easily learning the wider context of the quote.)

Of course, there are various webbed versions of the Federalist Papers on the Internet already. Professor Barnett could have linked into one of them. Unfortunately, I haven't been able find one that was simultaneously nice-looking and useful (useful insofar as pinpoint linkability is concerned, at least). There are some that provide fine-grained linking, but frankly they look like Fisher-Price My First Website.

So I went ahead and made, an online edition of the Federalist Papers which is pleasant to look at and provides paragraph-level permalinking.

Web geeks might be amused to know that each paper is marked up in the hAtom microformat with an elastic layout, so (among other things) you should be able to increase or decrease your browser's font size and things will still look good.