Theresa O’Connor

One Web Day

On this One Web Day, I wanted to write up my thoughts on a philosophy of Web environmentalism. Just as we’re stewards of the planet, protecting its wonder for future generations, so to we’re stewards of the Web. This is basically why Ian Hickson started the WHATWG effort:

The original reason I got involved in this work is that I realised that the human race has written literally billions of electronic documents, but without ever actually saying how they should be processed[…] I decided that for the sake of our future generations we should document exactly how to process today’s documents, so that when they look back, they can still reimplement HTML browsers and get our data back, even if they no longer have access to [brwoser] source code.

Susan Crawford says we should support [the Internet’s] vitality personally, and One Web Day aims to be a community of advocates for the future of the Web. Something about how, when designing new tech intended for Web deployment, we need to take the longer-term view into account. We need to design for Bob. data longevity

Would the Web platform be better if <canvas> were <apple:canvas xmlns:apple=""> instead of <canvas>?

Henri Sivonen