Theresa O’Connor

Fog Creek and RHIT

Speaking of Rose, Joel Spolsky — who had four interns last summer, two of them from Rose — just posted about how they evaluate intern applications. It sounds like he has a very high opinion of the Rose interns he had, given these references:

We did get a lot more good applications. Really good applications. Not just kids from Indiana. Students from all over. Illinois. Missouri.

That said, we're not going to tell a student with perfect grades from MIT or Stanford or Rose Hulman to take a hike just because "grades aren't everything."

But on Joel's discussion board, someone calling himself TopCoder finds it odd that he lists Rose along with MIT and Stanford:

Uh—why did Joel include Rose Hulman in that sentence? I think he's being bias [sic] because two of his interns last year (Who may now be two full time employees) went to Rose Hulman. I know Rose Hulman is a great school, but be real Joel it's not MIT or Stanford.

Here are the top schools for CS:

MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley

I think it's very strange to use CS graduate school rankings when trying to hire undergraduate interns. Wouldn't you rather hire qualified undergraduates from institutions which actually concentrate on teaching undergraduates?