Theresa O’Connor

More RFC 2119 humor

  1. <qid> RFC 2119 extension: "OUGHT TO" - a MUST that is ignored because people are lazy
  2. <john-l> Yes!
  3. * john-l laughs
  4. <qid> as in "all XML documents OUGHT TO be well-formed"
  5. <^aristotle> and the meaning of SHOULD is always a lot of fun, like in HTTP where it says that GETs SHOULD be idempotent
  6. <^aristotle> and all the web monkeys read the spec and claim "well it doesn't say I have to!"
  7. <^aristotle> guess we need something that it is to SHOULD as OUGHT TO is to MUST
  8. <hober> MIGHT AS WELL, perhaps

— from #atom