Theresa O’Connor

The Robert Nozick Project

Julian Sanchez has recently launched the Robert Nozick project, your one-stop shop for all things Nozick. There isn't a huge amount there yet, but it promises to be a great resource.

One of the most refreshing things about reading Nozick is how exploratory his writing is; Julian sees Nozick's approach as being analagous to the Wikipedia v. Brittanica debate:

What he was objecting to was writers who did philosophy as though they were producing an Encyclopedia Britannica entry: It goes out to the idea-hungry masses and that's it (until the next edition…), so it's got to be perfect and right the first time, however unlikely, in the case of philosophy, that might seem for any individual thinker. Your perspective changes if you instead think of what you're doing as something akin to starting or amending a Wikipedia entry. Because while, certainly, you don't want to deliberately include anything false, you know that whatever framework you set up, whatever start you make, will be built on in by hundreds or thousands of other smart, knowledgable people. And even if you're smarter and more knowlegable than each of them, you're almost certainly not smarter and more knowledgable than all of them. So if there's a point you're unsure of, a claim that seems like it might have something to it, but that might not ultimately hold up, well, you may as well put it in. Maybe someone else will be able to confirm it, refute it, or (maybe best of all) use it as a springboard to go off in some direction you couldn't have imagined. The point is to start a conversation, not end it. [Emphasis his.]