Theresa O’Connor

Heath Ledger

  1. kirinqueen: awwwh, Heath Ledger is dead
  2. hober: awwwwh
  3. kirinqueen: he was your age
  4. hober: d’oh
  5. hober: I had to look up who heath ledger was
  6. kirinqueen: you could have asked
  7. kirinqueen: I figured you didn’t know, I’ve had to explain who he is multiple times
  8. hober: heh
  9. hober: I guess the reason everyone else knows him and I don’t is because I’ve never seen “10 things I hate about you”
  10. kirinqueen: you have too!
  11. kirinqueen: we netflixed it
  12. hober: I have?
  13. hober: which one was it?
  14. kirinqueen: taming of the shrew
  15. kirinqueen: letters to cleo
  16. hober: oh right
  17. kirinqueen: you like my synopsis? ;)
  18. hober: I got it at ‘letters to cleo’
  19. hober: but I don’t really remember the movie
  20. kirinqueen: awwh
  21. hober: they played on the roof of the school at the end
  22. kirinqueen: yeah, I figured that’d be the trigger
  23. hober: that’s about all I got