Theresa O’Connor

I’ll have…

  1. andywaer Just learned the CSS property text-transform:capitalize has a bug with all-caps text: “FAIL” will not convert to “Fail,” it remains FAIL.
  2. joshthewebguy @andywaer that’s what strtolower() is for.
  3. andywaer @joshthewebguy Ha. Thanks, smartass. Not if you’re working only in CSS
  4. joshthewebguy @andywaer jquery?
  5. andywaer @joshthewebguy In a CSS-only environment, it fails.
  6. andywaer @joshthewebguy what good is a CSS property if it requires the help of another language in order for its tests to pass?
  7. hober @andywaer: ‘text-transform: capitalize’s definition: “Puts the first character of each word in uppercase; other characters are unaffected.”
  8. hober @andywaer: see for more.
  9. andywaer @hober yeah, I’ve read the spec. it’s just a useless definition in practice.
  10. andywaer I’ll have one ball-busting with a side of RTFM, please.