Theresa Grace Colbert O’Connor +1 (619) 846-8434

Manager, Web Standards & Interoperability, Apple,

I manage a team of engineers who work on WebKit, web standards, and WPT.

I set standards policy for the Safari & WebKit departments and for the WebKit OSP.

I mentor engineers across Apple to help them navigate standards bodies and their policies, to become effective participants in them, and to take on leadership roles in them.

WebKit Standards Lead, Apple,

I represent Apple in numerous working groups at various standards bodies and mentor Apple engineers engaged in standards work.

Standards work


I’m Apple’s AC representative—the person responsible for our relationship with the W3C.

I’ve been an elected participant on the TAG and a chair of the HTML Working Group since 2019, and a chair of the Privacy Community Group since 2020.

I’ve proposed & designed a number of Web platform features in over a dozen working groups over the course of many years. I’ve edited a number of specs and other documents in that time, including HTML5, the CSS Transforms Module, the Storage Access API, and the TAG’s Security & Privacy Questionnaire.


I’ve proposed, designed, or helped to design several features—such as <dialog> and <img srcset>—for HTML and other WHATWG specs.

Other standards bodies,

I participate on behalf of Apple in other standards bodies, such as Ecma International and the IETF, on an as-needed basis.

Software Engineer, Teradata,

I was a front-end engineer on Teradata Viewpoint, a web application used to monitor the behavior and performance of Teradata devices.

Software Engineer, Freelance,

I did full-stack web application development for a number of clients, including Parker Wallace and Teradata (see above).

Software Engineer, Eventful,

I was a full-stack engineer on Eventful, an events search engine and database. In addition to work on the site, I implemented and maintained Eventful’s Python client library.

Programmer & Senior Sysadmin, Tomo Software,

I developed several web applications used for the administration and asset management of a massively-multiplayer simulation and oversaw the administration of its servers.

Sysadmin, Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD,

I built, configured, and managed high-performance computing clusters used at UCSD and SIO. I managed large numbers of deployed servers and workstations running FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, and Windows.

Programmer & Sysadmin, Bomis,

I was part of the team responsible for the development of various Bomis properties and the systems administration of all Bomis, Nupedia, and Wikipedia servers. I developed a number of features for Wikipedia, including the code that first enabled mathematics articles to contain LaTeX expressions.

BSc, Computer Science, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology,

Work Authorization

I am a citizen of the United States.

Personal life

My daughter and I live in San Francisco, just a few blocks from her other parent. We are not interested in relocating at this time.