Theresa O’Connor


I’m pulling an all-nighter, working on the OS assignment that I have oh-so-intelligently put off until the last minute. I’m currently (12:20 AM) in the Imaging Systems Lab with Miles, Curtis, and Ben. Miles and Ben are also working on OS, and Curtis is playing with Perl.

It’s now 3:40 AM, and the OS code has been behaving well for a while now, so I printed out some secondary sources for the in-class essay in 5 hours and 20 minutes. I’m supposed to write a refutation paper, and I’ve chosen affirmative action as the topic. As secondary sources, I’ll be using the Constitution of the United States, various interviews from Reason Magazine, and Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.

I’m listening to a song by Yoko Takahashi, and would like to go on record as saying how much she rules.

This is turning into a pretty long daily update. Anyway, the in-class essay in Contemporary Issues and Writing went pretty well. It’s on the nature of equality with regard to affirmative action laws.

Well, we’re off to the anime convention, and probably won’t be back until dinnertime Sunday. Later.