Theresa O’Connor

Theresa O’Connor

Hi, I’m Tess. My pronouns are she/her. はじめまして、オコーナーです。 你好!我叫康特蘇。

I’m a queer, polyam, trans lady—Erin Jr.’s mama, Erin’s wife, and Eryn’s girlfriend. We live in San Francisco, which sits on the unceded ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone peoples.

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I have fifteen years experience in various standards bodies related to web technology, most notably at the W3C and the WHATWG. These days, I’m the Standards Lead for the WebKit team at Apple. I sit on the W3C TAG, chair the HTML WG and the Privacy CG, and edit a number of documents, including the Security and Privacy Questionnaire and the Storage Access API.

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