Theresa O’Connor

X11 Perl library

I’ve been playing with an awesome Perl module, called Sx. Basically, it provides a really nice interface to X11 coding in Perl, using the Athena widget set. Very cool stuff. Perl rules.

Judy Sammel had a harrowing legal experience when she got a cable modem. The Attorney General’s office filed criminal charges. This is too absurd to be made up.

John Katz actually wrote something legitimate about the Colorado massacre. Read it here.

I just had a chunk of unscheduled downtime, which is a nice euphamism for either a crash or a crack, I don’t know yet. It looks like it was a crash, though I didn’t get to see any informative printk()’s because I was in X. grr.

I’m in the Imaging lab working on OS. I get really annoyed by dumb assignments like this one. It’s just simple math, I don’t see the point.