Theresa O’Connor

Boring day

This morning started out strangely. I left for work a half-hour early, I was bored and didn’t have anything to do. When I got there, Mary Anne was running around, saying that someone should set off the fire alarm. Crapo 2 was smoky and smelled like something was burning. It turned out to just be some maintenance goof-up, but it was still really weird.

Otherwise, today has been uneventful. I chatted with Hanah, Bill, and Hawver. Wicke-san made curry rice for lunch, for which I am grateful; today would have been another ramen day otherwise. Rice cookers are awesome.

I turned off AFS on george today, so if you’re one of my users who cares about such things, I’m leaving it off while I’m away. I’m sure you’ll manage.