Theresa O’Connor


Yesterday, Bryan started an email conversation with Bill, Hawver and myself about the most recent major schism in the Objectivist movement. It’s a pretty thorny issue for most Objectivists, and a lot of people do not argue rationally about it.

Bryan however has not succumbed to such silliness, and is sincerely thinking about the issues involved. This is a good thing. I hope, whether we end up agreeing about this issue or not, that we’ll both know that the other is thinking about it.

In other news, Jacob and I have begun the “converting a Sun Type 5 Keyboard to work on a PS/2 PC” project. If you would like to do this to, here’s a link to a great page describing what you need to do.

We almost have enough money to get the Pepsi machine installed in the manager area. As of noon, we’re eleven dollars short. I’m hoping Nancy will call the guy this afternoon.