Theresa O’Connor

This seminar is going to rule!

It is very difficult to put into coherent words the excitement and anticipation that I have for this coming TOC Summer Seminar.

Last year’s seminar was arguably the coolest week of my life. And given the schedule for this year, it’s going to be a lot better!

Here are some of the things that I’m particularly excited about:

  1. David Kelley will be giving a six-session course on philosophical method. This is awesome.
  2. Diana’s giving a lecture on moral habits which promises to be very cool, especially when you consider that Diana rocks.
  3. Will Wilkinson is giving two lectures that I plan on going to. One is on tabula rasa and the other is on psychological visibility. Both promise to be enlightening.
  4. Nathaniel Branden will be dropping some serious science on us, with two lectures over the course of the week, and will be participating in a panel discussion on egoism which promises to rule.
  5. Carolyn is giving a lecture on “How to Win Arguments”. I anticipate her answer to be something cool like, “by being me, Carolyn Ray, because I’m so cool that I couldn’t possibly lose an argument”.

I’m applying for the Advanced Seminar as well. I am in such a good mood right now, it’s amazing.

I’m actually talking to Bill on ICQ about this right now, and he is also psyched, as he should be. :)