Theresa O’Connor

Musings during 10th Weekend at Rose-Hulman

Tenth weekend is a strange, strange thing.

Rose operates on a trimester schedule. Each trimester is composed of ten weeks of classes and a week of finals. The tenth weekend of each term falls between 10th week and finals week.

Classes at Rose very commonly have final projects that last for the last several weeks of the term. Such projects are typically due at some point during 10th week. For instance, I mentioned my final project for Japanese yesterday.

For most everyone here, tenth weekend is this ambiguous time, after all your projects have been due, and before you have to review for finals. It’s the first large chunk of essentially free time most people around here have seen since about 4th weekend or so.

There is an immense change in atmosphere here. It happens every time, and yet it’s a surprise every time as well. You’ve been working and working and working, and suddenly *poof*, everything’s calm, relaxed, and cool.

Most everyone immediately takes advantage of this respite to vegetate in their own way. A bunch of my friends are down the hall, watching the entire first season of the X-Files. The RA’s room is full of people watching “Blues Brothers.” The hallway is filled with the sounds of happy conversations and laughter from all around.

A few hours ago, I was in one of those nothing-is-interesting-me-quite-enough-to-do-it sort of moods, so I decided to wander off and see if something struck my fancy. A few buildings away from my dorm, I decided to go to Bigfoot to pick up some BIGFOOT PREMIUM HAND-CRAFTED DRAFT 100% CRACK ROOT BEER. So off I went.

Now, a word should be said about BIGFOOT PREMIUM HAND-CRAFTED DRAFT 100% CRACK ROOT BEER. It’s something of a staple beverage amongst a certain segment of the student body here. It’s widely considered to be the perfect beverage to drink while staying up all night coding.

OK, so on the way to Bigfoot to pick up some BIGFOOT PREMIUM HAND-CRAFTED DRAFT 100% CRACK ROOT BEER, it occured to me that I didn’t really have a reason to stay up all night which would require that I make the purchase. Hmm. But then, the revelation hit me:

I could take this opportunity to do all that other stuff that I’ve been sitting on for far, far too long!

A partial list of stuff that I need to get around to {starting,working on, finishing} (in no particular order):

This list could go on and on, basically indefinitely, so I’ll put a stop to it there.

Right, so I guess I’ll keep myself rather busy this weekend anyway. Awesome. :)

Curtis should be arriving in Seattle pretty soon. He’s spending the weekend schmoozing with Microsoft. He’ll be landing in Indy fifteen minutes after his first final starts on Tuesday. And then I leave on Wednesday, after my Graph Theory final. This means that I only have one more night of hanging out with Curtis in the foreseeable future. How strange. Curtis rules, and Rose won’t be nearly as cool (although it will still be quite cool) without him.

Bryan’s latest update (1110:1423) was an interesting read first time through. I’ll have to remember to read it again when I’m more awake. Hmm. Sleep. I think I’ve just reprioritized the list above to place Sleep in the #1 slot.