Theresa O’Connor


A whole lot has happened since the last update:

  1. I graduated. Go figure. Hawver and Bryan made the mad trek out for commencement, which was exceedingly cool of them.
  2. I kicked it back to MA with my parents in the van full of my stuff. My beautiful 19″ monitor was scratched once, but otherwise everything made it through OK.
  3. I (finally) bought plane tickets for the trip out to the Zollers wedding & the Enlightenment conference. Southwest remains the Official Airline of Theresa O’Connor.
  4. Pursuant to getting on a plane tomorrow morning, I went to the RMV with my father this morning to procure a valid photo ID. The real thing will arrive in a few weeks by mail; for now I use a temporary ID that looks almost identical to my last N permits. Same picture and everything. I should go on the record that I didn’t have to wait one bit at the Registry (a first, I’m sure).
  5. Stopped by Walgreen’s and said hi to Ma Hawver.
  6. I haven’t actually hung out with anyone yet while being home, oddly enough. The past few days have been remarkably hectic, and yet I’ve barely left the house. Strange.

So the next few days look like this:

I’m not even going to disclose the obscene flight time tomorrow morning. Nevertheless, getting up in the morning will be a very bad scene.