Theresa O’Connor

Graphical Emacs 21 under MacOS X

[Text of a post of Andrew Choi’s to comp.emacs]

Here is a patch to Emacs 21.1 to allow it to build and run under Mac OS X:

The instructions for applying it are contained in the file:

The GUI code is basically a Carbonized version of that in Emacs 21 for Mac OS classic. The Unix API of Mac OS X is used to implement synchronous and asychronous subprocess support and networking support. A new ‘unexec’ for the Mach-O executable file format, written entirely from scratch (src/unexmacosx.c), provides support for ‘dump-emacs’. The autoconf/makefile mechanism is adopted so Emacs will built on Mac OS X with the Developer Tools installed.

Note that although Emacs 21 is released software, this patch is alpha software. Please treat it as such. I will continue to work on it though. Comments and contributions (code) are welcome! I will work on adding this patch to the CVS repository for the next release.

Have fun with it!

Andrew Choi (