Theresa O’Connor

Meatspace Bias

There are 39 entries in my friends list thingy.

After eliminating communities (8), a user used for comic relief by someone ([info]timecube), and myself, I'm left with 29 people on the list.

Of that 29, I have met 25 in person. So there are only 4 people on the list that I haven’t met: [info]ben, [info]joelgrus, [info]onesoul, and [info]pjammer.

Update: As of 2006, I’ve met [info]joelgrus, and [info]pjammer, thus increasing my meatspace bias. Of course, I’ve added bunches of people to my friends list since this entry was written, many of whom I haven’t met.

Now granted, the 25 run the gamut from people I’ve met on exactly one occasion ([info]kari, [info]kenshi, and [info]kiad) to those that I've known since "the days of pre-Reason" ([info]nanowyatt, [info]rafuzo, [info]hawver, and [info]hjcanning), but it strikes me as somewhat odd that my friends list is so skewed toward people that I’ve actually met in meatspace.

Am I unusual in this regard? How does your friends list compare?