Theresa O’Connor

The RUC, by any other name…

From the Herald:

BELFAST, Northern Ireland — What’s in a name? Not a hell of a lot, according to those skeptical about police reforms in Northern Ireland.

Last Sunday, Britain changed the Royal Ulster Constabulary’s title to the Police Service of Northern Ireland. On Wednesday, amid much fanfare, the new Policing Board, a key 19-member civilian police watchdog panel, held its inaugural meeting.

As soon as I read this, I couldn’t get a certain satirical song out of my head… “Oh, we are the impartial police force / The guardians of Ulster are we…”

The thing that drives me the most nuts about the current peace process in the six counties: everyone rants and raves about Provo disarmament, but what about the UDA? Or the UFF? They’ve refused to disarm. And given that they haven’t, it seems absurd to expect all of the republicans to. Bah. Hypocrisy can suck it.

On an entirely unrelated note, ispell wanted to replace RUC with RFC. That’s pretty cool.