Theresa O’Connor

San Diego in just a few sentences

So, one of my cousin’s kids is in the 3rd grade in Hingham. He’s really cool. I got a letter from his class today, which partially reads like so:

Could you please send a postcard or a letter describing the community in which you live and why it is so special!?

I’ve decided to go the postcard route, because that way I get to send them a picture of the pandas, which seems like one topic to bring up on the postcard.

But I’m basically stuck on the rest. I mean, the weather’s always nice, but I really don’t have a sense of what sort of info is appropriate for the card. On the one hand, it seems like a discussion of the socio-economic status of Mexican immigrants, while technically on-topic, is not a good call given the audience. On the other hand, just saying “the weather rules and we have pandas!” seems to me like a big cop-out.

So, any ideas?