Theresa O’Connor


So, my Win2K install on Clarence has been getting flakier and flakier since about April. My shiny happy copy of WinXP arrived today, so I embarked on a mission to make games playable again.

Everything went without a hitch, until my keyboard decided that it didn’t really want to be plugged into the KVM. Since the install is almost entirely *clicky-clicky*, I didn’t notice this fact until after the next reboot.

So when it finally had to get some variety of textual input from me, the keyboard didn’t do anything.

Noticing the lack of tab-A-in-slot-B, I plugged it back into the KVM. Of course, this didn’t help; the keyboard had probably come undone before the last boot. Plugging the keyboard directly into the machine didn’t help either.

At this point, I was cursing myself for leaving my USB keyboard at work.

(Cue: evil thought enters, stage left)

"But wait: I’ve got an ADB cord for my Happy Hacker, and I’ve got an ADB→USB adapter around here somewhere…"

Now, this would clearly not work, because "mouse→USB→PS/2→serial→switch→serial→PS/2 doesn’t work." ([info]pergamon) I mean, the ADB→USB adapter package said something about relying on some cheap trick with the way the Mac ROM looks for the keyboard at boot time, etc., etc.

But it actually worked. Go figure.

So, XP is actually somewhat usable (after installing NTEmacs, PuTTY, and pscp).