Theresa O’Connor

heel, shift weight and turn, rock back, turn, rock forward, step

Carolyn and I went to a big huge wholesale nursery off of the 805 Saturday and talked about AI while walking around. She picked up a cute guava tree, who was then my companion in the passenger seat of Max, her Toyota MR2, while we continued shopping.

Later that night (and well into Sunday) Rion and Steve had a second apartment-warming party. Yay! It was a lot of fun. Pretty much everyone crashed there. Steve, Jing Jing and I hit the pool and the hot tub at 6:30 this morning, which was awesome, though not nearly as warm as it should have been (20 degrees off or so).

Jing Jing and I left soon thereafter, first to breakfast at some random Hillcrest restaurant, and then to Balboa Park, where she teaches taiji every Sunday, to Rey and a bunch of other people.

Including me. It was my first day of lessons, and boy do I not know what I’m doing yet. But I had a wicked good time. Yay. :)

Afterwards, we met up with Jing Jing’s parents for a Japanese lunch buffet. I ate way too much. After that and some shoe shopping that didn’t actually result in any shoes transferring ownership, Jing Jing drove me home and I passed out for five hours or so. I have no idea how I’m supposed to get to sleep tonight.

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