Theresa O’Connor

Lá le Pádraig (St. Patrick's Day)

Hey, Evacuation Day is just around the corner! So come one, come all, to my first attempt at an organized party-like gathering thingy at my apartment. I'll have batches of my mother's Irish bread, bangers & mashed, beverages alcoholic (Guinness, uisce beatha, Bailey's) and not (Barry's Irish Tea), and lots of Irish music. It'll be cool.

Speaking of Irish music, my cousin Danny Gill's band, The Old Brigade, is having a record release party tomorrow at the Beachcomber on Wollaston Beach in Quincy. Those of you in the area, you know you want to go. :) They do a good show.

"Oh Father why are you so sad
On this bright Easter morn'
When Irish men are proud and glad
Of the land where they were born?"
"Oh son I see, in memory's view
A far-off distant day
When being just a lad like you
I joined the IRA…

"Oh where are the lads who stood with me
When history was made?
Oh grá mo croí I long to see
The boys of the old brigade."

UPDATE: Since it's a joint Evacuation Day / St. Patrick's Day party, there has to be some representation in food or drink for the non-Irish part of the holiday. So, there will be fresh Dunkin' Donuts coffee being served.