Theresa O’Connor

Geeked out

I geeked out today (Tuesday), and it was good.

First order of business was to fix my laptop. It wasn't really broken per se, but the CVS Emacs it was running had some pretty annoying issues. OK, OK, and I wanted to set up a pretty framebuffer console on it.

Oh hey, speaking of CVS Emacs, they've added server socket support. How cool is that?

Anyway. Boy had I forgotten just how long it takes to run anything on a P166. Emacs' make bootstrap took far, far longer than I would have liked. And, as always, the framebuffer console is a bit anticlimactic; it's pretty, but it's slow. I guess NeoMagic didn't bother accelerating VESA. Of course, it was slow the last time I did this, and my laptop hardware hasn't magically changed, so you would think I would have learned my lesson by now.

I was going to head down to 976 afterwards, but I ended up helping Jing Jing make a cool mix CD to play when her studio puts on performances and stuff. Nero seems to be pretty cool; I'd consider upgrading from the demo if I had a disposable income.