Theresa O’Connor

WANTED: laboratory monkey

They require a bachelor’s degree for this???!?!?!?!

Assists higher level staff by performing elementary programming tasks which concern limited and simple data items and steps which closely follow patterns of previous work done in the organization, e.g., drawing flow charts, writing operator instructions, or coding and testing routines to accumulate counts, tallies, or summaries. May perform routine programming assignments under close supervision. In addition, to assist higher-level staff may perform elementary fact-finding concerning a specified work process, e.g. a file of clerical records that is treated as a unit (invoices, requisitions, or purchase orders, etc.); reports findings to higher level staff. May receive training in elementary fact-finding. Detailed, step-by-step instructions are given for each task and a supervisor must authorize any deviation. Work is closely monitored in progress and reviewed in detail upon completion.

Who in their right mind would take a job with such a description? No, scratch that. Who in their right mind would want someone to work for them who replied to such a description?