Theresa O’Connor

Various and sundry updates

LA JOLLA, CA (Reuters): Ted attempts to catch people up in one swell foop with this update, and in doing so, ends up with a disjointed mess:

I've moved, and am more-or-less settled in.

I have Internet access again.

Still don't have a job.

[info]ljupdate development is coming along, though slowly. It's somewhat difficult to test when you're not online. I suppose I should do an in-apartment install of the LJ server stuff on Leroy.

Kimberly rules.

After watching Jack Frost last night, I thought that it was easily the worst movie I had ever seen, until we watched the sequel immediately afterwards, and I learned the folly of my ways.

Good times and company.

Would anyone like to catch the new adaptation of The Importance of Being Earnest tonight?