Theresa O’Connor

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Thanks, everybody, for the poll feedback and all that good stuff. You rule.

I've submitted requests for quotations to three custom keyboard manufacturers. I should be hearing back from each of them within the next 48 hours or so, certainly by the end of the business day on Friday. This should be interesting.

The approximate form of my request (varied per company to some extent):


I am in the process of finalizing the design of an 87-key keyboard for programmers and power users, and would like a quotation for the manufacture of a small initial batch. The almost-final layout, or at least a poor, HTML table approximation thereof, can be found here:

Thank you!

Most places seem to have a minimum order of about 20 to 50. One of the companies is here in San Diego; this could be quite convenient.

Depending on how many I end up ordering, I may simply try to sell them myself, or I may offer them to ThinkGeek or something along those lines.

Questions / comments / flames / whatever most appreciated.