Theresa O’Connor

Live it up

[info]augauche, Rion, Laurel, Steve, Aicha, and myself headed to the Casbah last night to catch Juliana Hatfield and Some Girls rock out.

And rock out they did! It was good, good stuff.

Before things got started Rion, of course, went right to the pinball machine, whilst I picked up t-shirts and Epilogue, the new Blake Babies CD that they were selling, one each for [info]nanowyatt and myself. I think "My Motor" is my favorite track off of Epilogue.

A.M. Vibe, a San Diego band I hadn’t heard of, opened, and weren’t half bad.

Juliana started out all by her lonesome, and played "Hotels" and "Trying Not To Think About It" before Freda and Heidi came up on stage. They played several of their new songs mixed in with the following, in approximiately this order:

  • Sellout
  • Choose Drugs
  • Down On Me
  • Let’s Blow It All
  • My Sister
  • Spin The Bottle
  • Everybody Loves Me But You
  • Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  • Your Eyes
  • Somebody Is Waiting For Me

At this point Freda and Heidi took off for a bit, Juliana played two more, "Slow Motion" and "Ten Foot Pole," then Freda and Heidi came back and they finished up with two new ones.

All in all it was really quite awesome. I’m very much looking forward to the Some Girls album that should theoretically be coming out soon; I really dug the new stuff.

She didn’t play anything at all from Only Everything, which was a little disappointing. Also, when someone requested "Ugly," she said that she can’t play it anymore, the guitar work is too contorted for her now. Ack!

A very good time.