Theresa O’Connor


My first day went really well I think. Most of it was spent in one meeting or another, learning about the various things that you need to learn about when you're starting a new job. That, and filling out forms. The rest of the day I spent acclimating myself to my desk, computer, and various computery things. I need to hurry up and add group chat support to Smyrno so I can use it at work for work stuff.

Unfortunately, by the time I got to part of the city where my cell phone works after work, it was too late to call home and wish Kathleen a happy birthday.

After work was dinner with Rion and Steve, and much hanging out at the cafe. When I finally got home not too long ago, I found my pedals waiting for me. Yay. I've got them bound like I planned, and they seem to work reasonably well. It'll take a while to retrain myself to use them instead of finger-chording, but I think it'll be worth it.