Theresa O’Connor

Tim Berners-Lee is so lame.

  1. [info]pergamon: casey pointed out to me that when i put the link to that thread on the page i forgot to translate the ampersands, and so it wasn’t xhtml1.0 transitional anymore.
  2. [info]pergamon: now he’s complaining that it should instead be xhtml1.0 strict
  3. [info]hober: The moral corruption of the W3C is made all the more clear by the fact that URLs can no longer be embedded in HTML without being escaped.
  4. [info]pergamon: that’s a very good point.
  5. [info]hober: i mean
  6. [info]hober: WHAT THE FUCK
  7. [info]hober: that is so gay
  8. [info]pergamon: but, well, there has to be some characters that either aren’t allowed in URLs or have to be escaped.
  9. [info]hober: sure, i agree
  10. [info]pergamon: it definately sucks though
  11. [info]hober: whatever happened to “the null character and / are the only forbidden characters?” i miss those days
  12. [info]hober: of course, it’s a side-effect of the corrupt nature of HTML from the get-go that you have to escape just about everything
  13. [info]hober: &sux;
  14. [info]pergamon: let me guess… HTML violates some objectivist philosophical point?
  15. [info]hober: qua qua qua qua qua qua qua