Theresa O’Connor

I wonder if the DM will go for this

I asked for a painting earlier because a friend of mine is running a Champions game in which I’m considering playing. (And yes, I’m a dork.) Here’s my hooloovoo character pitch:

Character name: Edward


In 1893, Edward Munch was in Berlin, working on a series of paintings he would come to call “The Frieze of Life.” While working on the first work in the series, he mixed together a shade of blue. This particular shade of blue is hyper-intelligent and is known elsewhere in the galaxy as hooloovoo. Thus Earth’s first hooloovoo was brought into existence, and painted onto the canvas of “The Scream.”

There it remained, slowly becoming self-aware over the years in exhibitions and museums around the world. Like humans, the hooloovoo doesn’t remember much about its formative years; its first concrete memories are from the 1930s. It studied the people studying its home, slowly picking up the humans’ language and learning more about its origins. It began to call itself Edward after its late progenitor. It lived a quiet, contemplative life in the National Gallery in Oslo, learning of the world through the millions who came to observe its home.

This quiet life was shattered in February 1994 when “The Scream” was stolen from the Gallery by $VILLAN. Edward managed to escape by refracting himself through a crystal paperweight on $VILLAN’s desk, permanently severing his connection to the painting which had been his home for so long. Tragically, an international law enforcement team with members from PRIMUS and Scotland Yard recovered the painting scant hours after Edward’s traumatic escape.

Vowing to bring $VILLAN to justice, Edward pursued him for years. After the destruction of Detroit, he applied for work at PRIMUS.

Sketch of character traits/abilities/weaknesses:

Has some variety of blinding attack. Moves at the speed of light (being light himself). Able to be trapped in appropriately designed prism, the shattering of which would free him. Able to use appropriately designed prisms to refract into various shapes (PRIMUS equips the rest of the team with some semi-decent assortment of prisms). Non-corporeal. Goes to art museums whenever possible, trying to find companionship.