Theresa O’Connor

Improvisational evenings

Instead of going to card night at [info]cafe976, for the two previous Thursdays I've gone to Dan "The Liberator" O'Connell's box soccer games, and then to The Field for an Irish Pentathlon. [info]soul4rent was there for it last week. :)

But instead of doing the same last night, I agreed to help my wonderful new roommate [info]sunshine__girl with her wireless Internet problems at Lestat's.

Laurel and George the Greek ended up coming along with us. Soon after getting there, Laurel, George and I headed a few doors down to The Ould Sod, easily the most Irish of the Irish pubs in San Diego. It's also [info]maddox3's favorite pub, so we called him to say hi.

Last night at The Ould Sod was some kind of event in support of Na Fianna, San Diego's lovely women's Gaelic Football team. Almost everyone there had quite a brogue.

Thursday is also their weekly karaoke night, so after a few pints I went up and looked at the song list. There were only a handful of Irish songs, none of which I wanted to sing, so I asked the karaoke lady if I could sing something not on the list. She was pretty apprehensive, but went ahead and let me anyway.

So I sang "Fiddlers' Green" a cappella, and was pleased to hear several people singing along. It's all about not making a complete ass of yourself.

After finishing up those pints, George and I headed back to Lestat's for a bit. [info]radium was there (surprise, surprise), but despite his awesomeness George and I were quickly bored, so it was back to The Ould Sod with us. At this point, most of the crowd had changed over; the people there at this point were more the standard Thursday karaoke fare. But as I was drinking my last pint I went up and sang "The Parting Glass", also a cappella, and to a decidedly less sympathetic crowd.

After that we headed home, at which point I, and sometimes [info]sunshine__girl, sang semi-random Irish songs until about four in the morning.

barracudas, scally caps
barrell fires, sing-alongs
down the park where i belong
bar room brawls and I-I-rish songs

I'd love to go to Na Fianna's game tomorrow afternoon in La Jolla before The Liberator's new-roommate-welcoming party. Anybody interested?