Theresa O’Connor

Kirez wedding report

I'm surprised no one has done this yet.

Kicked it Kirez wedding style yesterday. The park in which the ceremony was held is quite beautiful (pictures forthcoming). The ceremony itself was short and quite excellently done. A last minute change of plans had the reception held at the Lucera guesthouse instead of at Haiku, so Bryan and I were conscripted to fetch the sushi from Haiku on our way to the reception. Got to see lots of cool people I don't see often enough. After the reception Evil Chris, Jessica B., [info]soul4rent, [info]johntchoe, [info]kirinqueen, [info]friarpuck, [info]gonzolawyer and [info]jessica_420 came over for a bit. We enjoyed [info]gonzolawyer's homebrew and goofed around. After an inebriated trip to La Canasta, John hit on my friend Barclay when we stopped in at 976 on the way to the beach. Etc., etc. Went to bed around 12:30 after several other rounds of people had shown up / left / etc. Good times.