Theresa O’Connor

Na Fianna Abú!

No party report for now; perhaps later. Suffice it to say that it was a good time.

Today several of us went to the Southern California Gaelic Football championship games, between the men's and women's teams of San Diego and Orange County. Na Fianna wiped the field with the Orange County Roisins. It was quite lopsided indeed. The men's game, however, was hotly contested, with Orange County's Wild Geese coming up on top of San Diego's Setanta. The best of luck to the San Diego ladies heading to Boston this Labor Day for the nationals.

Afterwards, it was back home for some power lounging, followed by La Canasta with [info]faustin, his wife, [info]kirinqueen, and [info]friarpuck. Yum.

After that I headed down to Lestat's with Tone and George. After a sucky first half of a lame documetary, George and I headed to The Ould Sod while Tone worked on his comic.

As I should have expected, Na Fianna were there in force, partying and even drinking from the Pat Foley Memorial Cup they won today. Yay. After several pints George and I headed back to Lestat's, from where I'm now posting this update. Word.