Theresa O’Connor

Party report

The party was quite good. The parts I remember anyway. I'm told the rest of the party was quite good as well.

When I woke up this morning, I had a fairly Shinjian thought: unfamilliar ceiling. Then it occured to me that I was sleeping in the garage, in Laurel's bed. So I got up, headed back into the house, and went back to sleep in my bed. A few hours later we (Matt Bosworth, Laurel, [info]sunshine__girl, [info]maustin, and myself) went to Kono's for hung-over greasy breakfast goodness.

Here are some pictures from the party last night, one of which I find to be fairly embarassing. Taken by [info]maustin. LJ people appearing herein: [info]sunshine__girl, [info]maustin, [info]agnosticessence. At least one other person was taking pictures, so I'll point to those when I find out about them.